Leadership Coaching 

- Are you highly successful in your career but often wonder, 'is this it?' 

- Do you have a yearning for more, but can't articulate what it is you're seeking? 

- Do you feel trapped in a career that is no longer satisfying but are afraid to leave?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it might be time to consider one-on-one coaching.   


At Adapt Engage Inspire, we believe everyone deserves to live with joy. 

Yet a lifetime of being told to do more, work harder, and fit in has created strong neural pathways that often lead to feelings of negativity, dissatisfaction, and doubt.

What if instead of feeling emotions driven from fear, you learned how to cultivate feelings of acceptance, choice, and inner peace?

Coaching is a gateway to experiencing positive emotions and joyful living. Using the latest research and tools from neuroscience, positive psychology and heart-brain coherence, together we create new neural pathways that leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired.   

Find contentment, a sense of purpose, and joy - in both your career and life. 

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Although we work with clients across industries - including financial services, energy and consulting - most share similar challenges:

-  Driven overachievers who don’t feel fulfilled no matter how successful their careers appear 

 - Ambitious professionals who are at-risk of burnout, seeking science-backed tools to renew their energy 

 - Mid- to late- career professionals who are wondering, 'is this it?' and seeking deeper meaning for their next chapter

Fundamentally, clients share one commonality: a desire to live a more fulfilling, purpose-driven and joyful life. Through coaching, they find a more calm, thoughtful and attentive state of living and 'being'. 

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Jennifer Pierce

My name is Jennifer Pierce. I'm an ICF-certified executive coach and leadership facilitator. I'm also a recovering Type-A, who led a successful corporate career for over 25 years. From the outside, I had 'made it', but internally I didn't feel fulfilled.  

Throughout my career I worked hard, put in long hours, spoke my mind, and got results. I had little patience for slackers and drove a tight ship in each leadership role I held. Working in competitive fields like investment banking and trading, I was all about driven, results-oriented cultures and mindsets. Until the disconnect between who I felt I was 'inside' and how I showed up at work started to show cracks. 

It's what some today may call the gap between 'human-doing' and 'human-being'. It no longer felt exciting or challenging to win a client, get a promotion, or lead more people. Starting in 2017, a series of events led me on a transformational path to a significant mindset shift.  

Zen Jen

In 2019 I took a sabbatical from work and volunteered with a NGO in Nepal. Following that experience, I found the courage to leave my corporate career and became certified in several brain- and science-based coaching methodologies. 

Today, I am much more calm, I (try to) respond more often than react, and I've grown pretty good at the 'human-being' part of who I was meant to be. Most importantly, I now find tremendous satisfaction in my work: supporting other driven, high-performers on their journeys to live more fully, presently, and joyfully.  

My journey is not over. But each day I make a choice to live in the present, with compassion and kindness for myself and others.  Perhaps you'd like to join me? Let's have a call.



Adapt Engage Inspire started as the title to a blog I began writing for my corporate colleagues to share research-backed ideas for increasing connectivity in the workplace.  

At the time, I was at the height of my career - living as an expat in London leading a global commodity trading team.  Outwardly I looked successful, but often wondered, 'is this it?'  

In 2019, I took a Sabbatical from work, packed my bags and went to Nepal. Miles away from my family and everything I knew, I developed mental clarity and a mindset shift to enhance my wellbeing.  

In October 2020 I left corporate and rebranded Adapt Engage Inspire to a leadership and coaching organization with a focus on both the science (head) and psychology (heart) of whole-self leadership.  I help clients achieve inner peace and contentment, leading to self-acceptance and self-accountability for creating the life they deserve to live.  

Today I find my joy in helping others find theirs. 

Through proven, science-backed coaching methodologies, I lead and support clients through their journeys to authentic living. Some find more peace in their current job or career, while others explore ideas they never thought possible. But for all, the outcome is the same: realizing a more peaceful, present and purposeful life where joy becomes a state of being.     

I’m an ICF-certified executive and leadership coach, a certified practitioner of several psychometric assessments (including  DISC,  12 Driving Forces, and EQ-i 2.0), and a Heart-Math® Certified Mentor. But most of all, I am passionate about helping others gain a renewed purpose - and joy - for life. 

I would be honored to speak with you Schedule a call- or DM me on  LinkedIn  to have an informal chat to learn more about becoming a more joyful you. 

Improve your resilience. Cultivate joy. Live more mindfully. 

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