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Welcome to Adapt Engage Inspire, where we specialize in transforming the lives of passionate, driven, and successful Type-A individuals—seemingly successful from a distance, yet yearning for more.

Can you relate? In your dynamic journey of career growth, promotions, and lifestyle changes, what was once exhilarating and challenging now feels restrictive and unfulfilling. It's not that things are bad, but they've lost the spark that made them exciting. You may feel dissatisfied, bored, or frustrated.

At Adapt Engage Inspire, we recognize that what's missing is the joie de vivre—the zest for life that adds a layer of fulfillment beyond the external trappings of success. Let us help you rediscover that spark without sacrificing your career or comfortable lifestyle.

Our distinctive coaching methodology employs the latest research and tools from neuroscience, positive psychology, and heart-brain coherence to create new neural pathways and mindset shifts. Here, feelings of empowerment, inspiration, and fulfillment become your norm.

Embrace a life where success isn't just measured externally but is felt internally. Your spark awaits! Let's ignite it together.

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Jen Pierce

Hello! I'm Jennifer Pierce, an ICF-certified leadership, executive & life coach.

I'm also a recovering Type-A on a continual journey from 'Fierce Pierce' to embracing the harmony and balance of 'Zen Jen'.

With a background as a former corporate leader, I've spent over 25 years spearheading global teams in energy, financial services, and technology. My journey in competitive industries, such as investment banking and commodity trading, involved long hours, candid communication, and a track record of tangible achievements.

Yet over time, the more success I attained, the less fulfilled I felt. The thrill of winning clients, earning promotions, and leading larger teams started to lose it shine.

In 2019, I took a 4 month sabbatical, delving into self-discovery and volunteering with an NGO in Nepal. The experience prompted me to bid farewell to the corporate world and embrace a new calling as a leadership, executive, and life coach.

Today, my joy comes from helping others find theirs.

I'd love to connect over a virtual coffee. Whether you're uncertain about your goals or direction - or even if you don't know if need a coach - I'd be honored to have a chat with you. Click here to find a time that works for you.


finding self

Although clients come from different backgrounds and industries, they often share similar challenges:

-  Driven achievers who feel stuck and aren't sure why 

 - Hard-working professionals who are overwhelmed, frustrated, or at risk of burnout, seeking guidance, a partner in their corner, and science-backed tools to renew their energy 

 - Mid- to late- career professionals who wonder, 'is this it?' - seeking deeper meaning for their next chapter 

Yet fundamentally, each one is seeking more authentic connection and a desire to live with more joy.  


traits for success

Those who find the most value from coaching share simliar traits: 

Open-mindedness: They are willing to explore new ways of thinking and learning. 

Curiosity: They have a desire to learn about themselves and a keen interest in becoming more self-aware. 

Commitment: They are dedicated to becoming the best version of themselves. 

Ultimately, the value you get from coaching is directly related to the effort you put into it! 

I use a unique blend of hard and soft sciences, providing an empathetic yet direct approach. As your coach, I am committed to ensuring you have the guidance, support, and positive motivation to unleash your full potential and live your best life. 

Are you ready to embark on an amazing journey? Let's connect and explore if we are a good fit!  

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The name 'Adapt Engage Inspire' embodies the key actions that lead to more fulfilling lives:

Adapt: Embrace ever-changing circumstances with resilience and flexibility.

Engage: Connect with others thoughtfully, fostering human kindness and meaningful relationships.

Inspire: Lead and influence others to give back adn focus on collective well-being rather than just ourselves.  

Together, these actions - Adapt, Engage, and Inspire - enable us to live with purpose and ignite positivity and joy in others.   

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