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Overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way of your happiness and holding you back from unlocking your full potential.

I take a tailored, client-first approach to coaching, using proven, science-based methodologies to make life and work more joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Jen Pierce

About Me

I'm Jennifer Pierce, an ICF-certified executive coach and leadership facilitator. I'm also a recovering Type A, hypercompetitive, over-achiever who led a successful corporate career for 27 years without recognizing how little joy I felt from it all. After a series of events led me on a transformational path to a significant mindset shift, I left my corporate career, got certified in several brain- and science-based coaching methodologies, and started Adapt Engage Inspire. 

Today, I find my joy in supporting other driven, high-performers on their journeys to live more fully, presently, and joyfully.   

My Clients

I work with clients across many industries, including financial services, consulting and health care. But regardless of industry, clients tend to share similar challenges:

-  Driven overachievers who don’t feel fulfilled no matter how successful their careers are 

 - Ambitious professionals who are at-risk of burnout, seeking science-backed tools to renew their energy 

 - Mid- to late- career professionals who are wondering, 'is this it?' and seeking deeper meaning for their next chapter

Fundamentally, clients share one commonality: a desire to live a more fulfilling, purpose-driven and joyful life. Through our work together, I support your journey to a calm, thoughtful and attentive state of living. 

If you want to improve your resilience, cultivate more joy, and live more mindfully, let's have a chat.    

Join me on Tuesdays in August at 12:30 EDT 

for Change Innovators' New World Leadership webinar series. 

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