Coaching Conversations

'Everyone needs a coach' 

- Bill Gates

Whether you are looking for a more purpose-driven career, support in becoming more fulfilled in your chosen career, or seeking ways to be a more effective leader, coaching may be the answer. 

Because each of us is unique, every coaching relationship is too. Some clients know exactly what goal or objective they want to accomplish in our time together. Others may be seeking a partner to explore their passions and purpose into finding a different career. Many are seeking support in making habit changes and mindset shifts. And some may simply want to become more self-aware and communicate more effectively. 

Whatever your objective may be, the keys to a successful coaching outcome are the same: a willingness to understand yourself, the courage to shift your mindset and habits, and an internal drive to be the best person you can be.      

Through proven, scientific coaching methodologies, we will work together to adapt your inner voice, shifting your mindset to realistic optimism and relaxed attentiveness. From a relaxed attentive state, the  possibilities are endless for what you can accomplish in your career and in your life. 

Client Testimonials

  • "Jennifer's coaching has guided me to develop myself in areas where I wasn't sure how to progress to the next level, personally and professionally. I have discovered how to highlight my strengths which led me to advance in my career. She has supported me in creating space in my day which has made me a more enjoyable and less anxious person."
    Amber P., Private Equity Director
  • "Jennifer has a unique ability to expertly balance challenging you towards greater things with caring deeply about you as a person. After my sessions with her, I carry a residual feeling of encouragement that moves me towards action."
    Melinda H, Program Manager
  • "Jennifer truly has a passion and a gift for helping others succeed. In just three short months working with Jennifer, I went from feeling hopeless to finding the most perfect (career) fit I could have hoped for. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to improve themselves and their situation. Top-notch!"
    Linda L, Account Manager
  • "If you're looking for help managing your career, finding what makes you tick, or even just some objective advice, look no further. Jennifer is genuine, passionate, and motivated to help others find happiness in their lives, both in and outside of work. I highly recommend working with Jennifer - you won't regret it!"
    Patrick G, Trader
  • "Jennifer is able to use information, insights, and experience to make valuable recommendations. She holds a positive outlook on life, backed by training, that permeates those around her and drives them to improve."
    Juan-Pedro M., Marketing Director
  • "As a coach, Jennifer is highly intuitive, bringing awareness to the unsaid things that were holding me back. It gave me deeper insights, which led to breakthroughs, and ultimately new behaviors."
    MH, Operations Manager
  • "Jennifer has a unique talent set - including a commercial mindset and the ability to develop talent. She willingly gives her time and encourages clients to broaden their awareness. On more than one occasion, I left sessions with her realizing that I could reach for a bigger goal."
    AJ, Energy Executive

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