Leadership Programs

Partnering with Change Innovators, I facilitate several transformational leadership development programs, backed by science and research.  

See below descriptions of some of our more popular programs, or contact me to determine which program is right for your organization.

New World Leadership™ Series

Great Leadership meets at the crossroads of Science and Personal Evolution. 

Leadership Development

Taking the most progressive approach to leadership, this 12-module course uses current research in neuroplasticity, heart/brain connection, intuition, coaching and positive psychology - along with a solid framework in self-awareness and emotional intelligence - to reflect, explore, practice and evolve your people leadership skills. 

At the center of the program is Change Innovator's unique Accountability Model that provides leaders with tools, techniques and daily practices where a culture of compassion aligned with true accountability can emerge.  

Each participant receives one on one coaching throughout the 12 month program.

Contact me for more information. 

A leader’s primary responsibility is to create a culture where each and every contributor takes full responsibility for the outcomes they get. 

Creating a  Purpose-Driven Culture

caterpillar to butterfly

The level of consciousness and awareness of our organizational communities is changing. Employees are looking for meaning and purpose within the work they do. It can be confusing, frustrating and unknown territory for many organizations.

We have a proven method and strategy to assist clients in creating a culture of unparalleled positive transformation grounded in purpose, meaning and alignment to values.

Change Innovators offers this two module, 1/2 day course to the public four times per year. Click here for more information or to register. 

I am also happy to facilitate a course specific for your organization. Simply set up a call to learn more. 

Values Drive Behavior

Behavior Creates Culture

Culture Dictates Performance

Coaching as a Leader Program 

hands on treeTransform your organization’s communication style. 

Assist your leaders in understanding the keys to successful coaching conversations. 

Explore why traditional feedback fails & prepare for the future of performance management. 

Build high levels of trust, increase transparency and create open dialogue.

Coaching as a Leader is a critical skill-set in today’s business environment. It creates improved trust, communication, performance and employee engagement. This program will help you develop a coach-approach and experience improved results across your team.

We take the complexities of coaching and break them down into easy-to-implement techniques for leaders at all levels. Our unique Accountability Model is at the center of this work, with tools, techniques and proven methods to enhance self-responsibility among team members and interpersonal relationships at all levels.

This 7-module program takes place over 6 months (one 1/2 day per month) and provides leaders the tools and competencies to effectively achieve organizational goals and resolve conflict. 

Each participant receives one on one coaching throughout the program.  

Click here for the course content or contact me for more information.

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